Learning Assistant Program

Learning Assistant Program
at Rutgers University-Newark
Fall 2017 Application - Closed
What is a Learning Assistant (LA)?
Learning Assistants are undergraduate students who, through the guidance of weekly preparation sessions and a pedagogy course, facilitate discussions among groups of students in a variety of classroom settings (lectures, labs, recitations, and study groups) that encourage active engagement. Through this engagement LAs not only help their undergraduate peers, but also themselves through reinforcement of their own knowledge in the subject matter.
Who can become an LA?
Top students are recruited to apply and work in courses they have successfully completed. Being an LA is an elite status among science and math majors.
What does an LA do?
They help facilitate learning in lectures, labs, recitations, and study groups by interacting with students. (They do not do administrative work such as grading papers.) 
How does one become an LA?
Students can be nominated by a Physics faculty member or they can also apply online. The online application for Fall 2017 is now closed. Whether or not more applicants are needed for Spring 2017 will be announced. 
What are the benefits to me?
Being an LA helps to reinforce undergraduate physics knowledge, create contacts within the Physics and teaching communities, and develop relationships with faculty and other LAs. A stipend is also supplied for the work done by LAs.
I have more questions about the LA program at RU-N, who can I contact?
Questions about the LA program can be emailed here.